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Cookie Policy for Jumptools

Last Updated September 20, 2023

This website uses cookies to record your internet settings and browsing preferences, which allows us to optimize the design of our websites and improve your online experience.  We may also use third parties cookies for third party advertising, social plugins or analyzing traffic on our websites.

Your privacy is important, which is why we are being as transparent as possible regarding our use of connection cookies and similar technology on our website.

This Cookie  Policy (the “Policy”) is part of our Privacy Policy. It spells out options for cookie management and helps you make informed decisions about what information you want to share with us while you are  on our sites.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small files placed on your computer or mobile device when you access our website.

They allow us to remember your preferences and give us information on how you interact with our site. They recognize your device and store certain information on your preferences or actions. If you authorize cookies, they are  stored on your device and we can access them on your next visit. This makes for an easier and more personalized user experience that better meets your needs. Certain cookies are also used for web analytics (providing depersonalized visit counts and page visits).

What kind of information do we collect with cookies?

Cookies collect a range of information that may be linked to your use of our sites, your preferences, or your device.

This information generally cannot identify you directly, but it may include personal information if you provide such information while interacting with our sites. All personal information collected is governed by our Privacy Policy.

For example, cookies may collect information on:

  • Date and time of visits
  • Pages visited
  • Your browser or operating system
  • How you access or interact with the site

Types of cookies

We divide cookies into four categories, depending on their function and intended purpose: necessary cookies, statistics cookies, preferences cookies, and marketing cookies. 

Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for our website to function. Without these cookies, you would not be able to navigate our website or operate its basic functions. They may:

  • Show you the site in the language of your choice
  • Enable website navigation
  • Make our site easier to use
  • Authenticate and identify you
  • Remember your username when connecting
  • Improve our site security

Necessary Cookies may not be disabled in our consent management tool. You can configure your browser to block essential cookies, but the site may not work properly.


Statistics cookies

These cookies collect information about how you use our website.  We use Google Analytics to collect, analyze, measure, and report data from these cookies to understand our web traffic and page views in order to improve the performance of our websites and your user experience.   For example, the cookies record which browser and operating system you used, which parts of the websites you visited, your number of visits, and the average duration of your visits.  They do not collect information that would allow us to identify you. The collected information is aggregated and, therefore, remains anonymous.


Preferences cookies

These cookies store information that you have already entered, such as your language selection and your location, in order for your experience to feel more personalized when you return to our websites.  These cookies collect anonymous information and cannot track your movements on other websites.


Marketing cookies

These cookies register your activity on our website.  We may allow a limited number of trusted third party advertising partners to install cookies to build a profile of your interests based on information about you, such as your page views on our website or your information requests on our website.

Our website may include third-party advertising, links to other websites and/or social plugins.  Social plugins are buttons that let you share your experiences on our websites with other people on social media platforms (including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter/X, Pinterest and YouTube ). When you share your experiences through social plugins, social media platforms install their own cookies on your device.

These cookies do not store information about you but they uniquely identify your browser and device.  Together with other information about you collected by our advertising partners or social media companies, your browser and device information could be used by third parties to identify you.

How to control which cookies we set

You can find out the details of the cookies used under the Cookie Settings section of our cookie banner.

We will automatically set necessary cookies in order for our website to work correctly but we will only set statistics and preference cookies with your consent. By default these cookies will be switched off. If you would like to set any of these types of cookies or accept all cookies, you can do so in the Cookie Settings section of the cookie banner.  You can revise your selection at any time by clicking the Cookies link on our webpage.

You can also manage cookies through your browser or device settings.

Most browsers provide guidelines on cookie management. You can choose to authorize or reject cookies. You can even erase cookies.

If you disable all cookies through your browser, our website (and others) may not function properly.


How we make changes to this cookie policy

Should we elect to change this cookie policy, we will post the changes here, so please check this page from time to time to ensure that you are informed of any changes.

How you can contact us about this cookie policy

If you have any questions or suggestions about this cookie policy or about how we use cookies, please contact:


Privacy Officer