COVID 19: Jumptools is here to support our customers during this time

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COVID-19: Jumptools Business Continuity

We Are Open to Serve You

During these difficult and challenging times, Jumptools is committed to ensuring that we continue to provide service and support to our clients, while ensuring our employees remain as safe as possible.

We at Jumptools are working safely offsite because we care about our staff. We are still on the job because we care for our clients too. If you have any questions about your CRM, website or newsletters, we’re online and ready to help.

The first thing we want you to know is that we are fully operational. Your websites and CRM subscriptions are online and will remain accessible to you as you take advantage of the current pause to plan your business, work on your website and stay in touch with your clients via email, phone and physical newsletter delivery.

For our Newsletter subscribers: Our print partner is considered an essential service so their facility is up and running. Canada post is still delivering, so you can continue to reach your VIP clients with physical stay in touch messaging; currently one of only a handful of ways to remain in touch.

We are like you – a Canadian small business working our way through this unprecedented time. We share your concerns and are here to help.